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Mastering your inner talents, unleashing your creativity, bringing your brow designs to a whole new level of talent. Now offering beginners and advanced masterclasses.

We pride our Academy in hosting small group trainings for beginners, you simply cannot learn your new exciting career to your full potential in large classes.

Each student will be given access to their online portal programme, access to our private training group on social media, teacher support through your journey and programme levels.

Sinead Corcoran | Permanent Makeup Training | Microblading Ireland

Unlock your artistic potential and embark on a rewarding career in Permanent Makeup with our comprehensive training courses. Our expert instructors specialise in microblading, Ómbre brows, permanent eyeliner, and more, providing hands-on instruction and valuable industry insights. Join our community of successful graduates who have transformed their passion into a thriving profession. Enroll today and discover the limitless possibilities of Permanent Makeup.