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Perfect for use when pre numbing or brow laminationIs used for when we apply numbing cream, simply cover your area with film wrap and the numb cream penetrates faster into the skin250 single uses..
100 per pack, discounts available on multi-buys..
50 per pack.2 holes €9.994 holes €18.99A simple way to hold your pigments for proper hygiene, as these are disposable.A white tray with options of four or two small slots for different pigment choices..
Flat head latex/silicone for practice of PMU or lashes..
For permanent makeup applications, pigment, anaesthetic etcDiscounts available on multi-buys...
Seal for safetyHere you will find our bandage, pen wraps in many colours, safely wrap your clip cord cover and pen and achieve a super gripDiscounts available on multi-buys,..
Silver steelPlace your pigment cups into the holder..
Pigment cups bags of 100pkSlots into pigment holdersSingle use..
Perfect for mixing your pigments to achieve an even result in your work, manually is quiet slow, so this method is perfect to ensure proper mixing of pigment evenlyMIX RODS INCLUDED..
Pigment rings are the perfect secure way, to place the ring on a finger finger for easier access to pigment, whilst doing permanent makeup, eyelashes or microblading100 in pack..
ReelSkin Synthetic Practice Sheets are the most realistic tattoo practice skins you can get. Available in different sizes, these practice skins will allow permanent make-up and tattoo apprentices to develop their skills, and established artists to display their work on a more life-like support. The ..
Define & outline your PMU work with our super fine definer brush, sharp precision & accuracyAlso a great gift for your client to take home20 box €26.99 1 brush €2..
Great for writing on china, glass, metal or plastic. Marks on many porous and non-porous surface.s No sharpening required: just peel the tear-string to reveal more marker! Fade and water resistant...
For application, during treatments..
Here, you can practice your powder or hair strokes with this signature latex by SCFront side has eyebrow sketches for you to fillReverse side has Practice lines & sections..
Let your clients take home some visor shields by SCpack of 50 shieldssuper sticky and can be re usedThey will have a much better retention during aftercare, when they are able to keep their brows dry whilst in the shower. The perfect take home gift..
Ultra Duration - Dab t he pain away!Topical analgesic liquid - professional strength...
This ultrasonic cleaner is perfect for use in a studio can be used to clean your tattoo and piercing equipment before sterilisation.Features a 600 ml tank and a basket that will hold your tattooing equipment during the sterilisation process.Key Features:Capacity: 600 ml..
No blade 10 pack Here we bring you a disposable and bio degradable tool holderThis tool will fit all U and some shaders to, slot it in just like a real stainless steel holder, and then dispose... BRILLIANT!Looks just like a stainless steel Microblading pen... but isnt!Single use and sterile..
Duo bundle of topical & secondaryThe complete duoYou choose any two you like..
5% for maximum strengthLasts up to 2 hoursNo vasoconstrictors that can affect the ink in the skin, work will come out exactly as envisionedSafe for use on sensitive areas including eyelids and lipsFDA and Health Canada approvedAnti-inflammatory Vitamin ENeutral pH100% cruelty-free30g Tube..
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