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Master Classes

So you are experienced, or at least you thought you were!

Our philosophy at the SC academy,is thatany artist who wants to pursue a career in our industry, should be able to do so with the foundational building blocks necessary to be successful.

These basics are the core structure of building a successful career and are important, not just for the artist, but also for clientele.

We do not support short course trainings for beginners and pride ourselves in our intensive and extensive programme, built for students. We have found that these short courses, with poor online and aftercare support, leave you with not enough knowledge, can leave you with little confidence, setting you back from your goals you had at the beginning.

Booking a 1:1 masterclass will be an exceptional advantage for you, or join in one of our small group masterclasses.

Have you checked out our signature microblades & tools? Our own products have been specifically designed and manufactured to our needs. Every student recieves our fully stacked deluxe training kit