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For experienced Microbalding or PMU artists

The microblading obsession is still here! We can mimic the hair like look or add shading for extra definition. I have carefully created a programme for all learners in Microblading, to help you fully understand how to work your knowledge and really know your blades and hand tools. Working on certain skin types is a must for Microblading and for the best results.

I have created my course, beginning with online modules, building knowledge on the foundation of skin theory, pigments, blades, hand movements and aftercare and its importance for Microblading clients. These are the most important facts every artist needs to know, then you will progress onto practice work on both paper and latex, creating many styles for the looks you would like to create. You will master the hair like look and realism effects while learning the addition of shading. Yong, teaching, and perfecting the most natural hair-stroke techniques,

Your clients will return to you every 12 - 18 months for a touch up, to refresh their brows once again. As you have learned how to correctly implant pigment, the return of light work with beautiful fading will be achieved and easy to touch up with your new know how’s. Microblading can return quiet cool, as we are breaking the skin much more compared to machines methods, colour correction also comes into my learning programme.


  • Intensive online module learning
  • Full printable training manual
  • Full printable brow guides in various designs
  • Detailed mapping techniques for amazing shapes
  • Videos and step by step instructions on paper and latex
  • Different blades, tools and trouble with skin alterations
  • Model demonstration video to watch again and again
  • Our S.C private student group for 24/7 advice
  • In Academy course days
  • Certification

I pride my Academy in hosting small groups for masters and beginners, you simply cannot learn to your full potential in large classes. Your training will be either you solo or a max of 2-3 per class.

Options are to take just the online programme or the online with in Academy training and after study support. My online store stocks all you need for your PMU treatments, a discount code will be given to all students for purchasing. Please ask if you need a new PMU machine or full kit as this class is training only.

Have you checked out our signature microblades & tools? Our own products have been specifically designed and manufactured to our needs. Every student recieves our fully stacked deluxe training kit
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