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Disposable Microblading tool with U18 0.15MM BLADEDo your treatments with extra Assurance and safety, with this precise disposable tool from SCTight and precise size of U18 0.15MM with cotton tipBox of 10..
The SC Signature microbladesOur prized product for all microbladersSizes:U16 0.16MMU18 0.16MMU21 0.16MMSlim, tight manufacturing 0.16mmSlim - Precise hair strokes..
With six shades, the Microblading Pro Set is your entourage of essentials for creating full, signature eyebrows for your client...
Pigment rings are the perfect secure way, to place the ring on a finger finger for easier access to pigment, whilst doing permanent makeup, eyelashes or microblading100 in pack..
This tool is especially designed by Sinead Corcoran, giving you excellent grip for your microblade, many variations of blades and shaders can fit Is suitable for auto-clave and comes in its very own SC Signature packaging...
No blade 10 pack Here we bring you a disposable and bio degradable tool holderThis tool will fit all U and some shaders to, slot it in just like a real stainless steel holder, and then dispose... BRILLIANT!Looks just like a stainless steel Microblading pen... but isnt!Single use and sterile..
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