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The PMU Design Contour Kit from Biotek is a creamy skin-coloured paste designed for the pre-draw phase before permanent make-up procedures, or to showcase the final effect. The Contour Kit includes both the Contour paste and a precision dual-ended brush for application...
Achieve super defined brow results with the SC concealer brushSuper slim to help achieve sharp results Single use for each client, to ensure correct hygieneAlso, a great take home gift for your clientsSold in boxes of 20..
DERMarker Removable Ink Skin Markers are ideally suited to be used on your client's skin as the ink has been uniquely designed to be easy to remove with an alcohol swab or soap and water.White Removable Ink has been the most requested colour by clinicians for non-surgical procedures.To use, firs..
Achieve symmetrical brows with these accurate measuring tools, you cannot be without it. Small and large sizes available...
Glovcon Eyebrow Mapping Thread is a dyed thread for measuring, marking and pre-drawing brows prior to treatment.This thread is dyed with a natural, water-soluble dye which is easy to remove from the skin using your go-to soap or cleanser. Mapping Thread is used to create a symmetrical, balanced ..
Eyebrow mapping string in black inkDo you love to use string for measuring?Here is your thread?..
Sharpen those pencils10pk box of sharp razors..
Great for writing on china, glass, metal or plastic. Marks on many porous and non-porous surface.s No sharpening required: just peel the tear-string to reveal more marker! Fade and water resistant...
These are formulated and selected for their soft wax, sharp and dark markings. Some drawing pencils have a hard wax, which we tend to have to press down on the skin alot, these are a softer rich pencil, so literally when sharpened, the lightest tap is all it needs and is easy to correct whilst drawi..
Stainless steel, with the SC logo, achieve the perfect symmetry for PMU..
The SC Signature mapping sticker50 simply perfect mapping stickers for stunning symmetryYou will need nothing else, only a ruler and pencilpermanent makeup - all brow treatments..
Mark your perfect brows or lips, dot your points or lines to help pre plan your PMU workThese are not permanent markers..
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